Dr. Shelley Page

Professor (retired)

PhD, Queen's University at Kingston, 1985


Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Phone: +1-204-474-6202
FAX: +1-204-474-7622
Email: spage cc.umanitoba.ca

Research interests:

My research interests are in the area of experimental subatomic physics. In particular, I am interested in exploring the subtle interplay between strong and weak interactions that sets the scale for parity violating observables in proton and neutron systems. Precision measurements of parity violation in strongly interacting systems have been the main focus of my career to date. These have included measurements of parity violation in proton-proton scattering at TRIUMF, and in the fundamental n-p capture process at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Centre, an effort that has now been relocated to the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge, TN.

More recently, I have been involved in a series of parity violating electron scattering experiments at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA. These experiments make use of highly polarized electron beams to study the internal structure of the proton and neutron as probed by the weak interaction. The G0 Experiment measured parity violating e-p scattering across a wide range of momentum transfers to probe contributions of the strange quark to the proton's electric and magnetic structure. I am currently a co-spokesperson for the Qweak Experiment at Jefferson Lab, which measures parity violating e-p scattering at very low momentum transfer to determine the proton's weak charge to high precision -- this observable is highly sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model, and we hope that Qweak will make a major impact in the field. The Qweak experiment took data in two very intense running periods from 2010-2012 at Jefferson Lab. The results of the first commissioning run (4% of the total data) are soon to appear in Physical Review Letters: http://prl.aps.org/accepted/20070Yf8T761565b417b7208959fc44f77fd04d4c.

Career Highlights:

PhD, 1985: "Parity Mixing in the Nucleus 18F: an Upper Limit on the Weak Pion-Nucleon Coupling Strength"
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, 1986-88 (University of Manitoba and TRIUMF)
NSERC University Research Fellow, 1988-97
University of Manitoba, Assistant Professor: 1988-92; Associate Professor, 1992-99; Professor, 1999 - ; Associate Head, 1999-2001 and 2009-2010
Rh Institute Award for research, 1996
UTS Teacher Recognition award, 1998
Fellow, Institute of Physics, 2004 -
Editorial Boards: Physical Review C, 2000-03; Journal of Physics G, 2004 -
Professional Physicist, Canadian Association of Physicists, 2008 -
Fellow, American Physical Society, 2009 -
NSERC Subatomic Physics Grants Selection Committee: Member, 1994-6; Chair, 1996-7
CAP Vice-President Elect, 2006-7; Vice President, 2007-8; President, 2008-9; Past President 2009-10